HGTV’s Property Brothers Host Meet & Greet at One Bellevue Place Michael’s Store

The Scott brothers — aka the Property Brothers — attracted a large crowd Thursday in the One Bellevue Place Michaels Stores! Thank you to all of the fans who came to the Meet & Greet!

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By   – Editorial Intern, Nashville Business Journal

Yes, the Property Brothers are as tall as they look on TV.

A line of people weaved in and out of the craft aisles of the Michaels in Bellevue Thursday evening as fans waited for the chance to snap a photo with Jonathan and Drew Scott, known as the fixer-upper twins on HGTV’s “Property Brothers: Buying and Selling.”

The Scott brothers were unveiling their new custom-framing collection in partnership with the chain. Nashville was one of the first destinations for the brothers’ in-store meet and greets. They’ll likely have many more, but they told me it made sense to start in Music City: They’ve done a total of 16 projects in Nashville for “Buying and Selling.”

We caught up with the brothers in between photos with adoring fans to talk about Nashville’s housing market and beyond.

What have you learned through filming “Buying and Selling” about the Nashville housing market?

Jonathan: This is the second time we’ve come back to Nashville and it is booming. I love that you’re seeing all these old houses being restored over on the East side. We’re everywhere from Murfreesboro and Gallatin to West Meade, you name it, but I think the great thing is you have the ability to do something that’s nice and modern because people have an aesthetic that they’ve seen on HGTV and it’s nice to put that in their homes, but you also have these character homes that they want to maintain the original brick and the original wood.

Drew: I mean this city is growing at an exponential rate and it’s great for the economy, and the one thing I love too is you can still get houses here at a decent price point. We’ve been looking at houses that range from $100,000 to $200,000 up to a million dollars. And also you’re getting houses with decent sized lots and decent land. There’s so much potential here, especially with fixer-uppers.

What about the market nationally?

Drew: I’ve noticed that there are a lot of multiple-offer situations. There are a lot of lost bids. So that just means that it’s really a sellers’ market right now. It’s tough to find some great places. But the good thing for us is when we’re working with homeowners, it’s challenging working with trades too because they’re so busy, but we’re getting those projects done fast. We’re getting them done right and we’re bringing a lot of beauty to these homes with families who didn’t think they could afford to do what we’re doing.

Jonathan: Even if there’s a lot of opportunity, the margins are still somewhat tight so you want to make sure you really know what you’re doing and you’re organized. Anytime someone gets into renovations and they’re not organized, that’s when you’re going to go over budget.


Drew and Jonathan Scott pose with excited fans at the Michaels in Bellevue. They were unveiling their new custom-frames collection in partnership with Michaels.


There’s a lot of new, unique real estate popping up in Nashville. How can lessons from your personal home renovations be applied to someone who’s looking to develop or build on a larger scale?

Jonathan: For us I think honestly it goes back to that organization and understanding your strengths. Even between Drew and myself, there are certain things that we’re good at and there are certain things that the other one is better at. There’s no need to kid yourself. We work with an amazing team. We run seven full-time crews. We would not be able to do what we do if it wasn’t for the incredible people we work with.

Drew: Organization is key with anything you’re doing. But also, the fact that we can play off each other’s creativity. We always keep ourselves open in new ideas and new inspiration and I think that’s helped us grow.

Why Michaels? Why this partnership?

Drew: Jonathan and I have a demand with anybody that we work with: What we need is for people to have that same care for quality and that same commitment to families and to giving a beautiful space. And we love their brand and we love everything that Michaels stands for.