One Bellevue Place


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Sunday – Saturday, 10:30 AM – 4:00 PM



Casual eatery and pantry

PDK Southern Kitchen & Pantry in Bellevue

PDK Southern Kitchen & Pantry at One Bellevue Place is a culinary gem that encapsulates the true essence of Southern hospitality and comfort food. With its warm ambiance, friendly staff, and mouth-watering dishes, this restaurant has become a beloved dining destination for locals and visitors alike.

PDK, founded by Peter Demos and his family, was created to cater to families on the go who want a delicious bite of southern fare instead of typical fast food choices. When you step inside, the irresistible aroma of fried chicken, their cobbler of the day, and other classic Southern dishes greets your senses. The interior exudes a cozy, rustic charm, complete with wooden accents and vintage decor that transport diners to a bygone era.

The menu at PDK Southern Kitchen & Pantry is a testament to the rich culinary heritage of the American South. Whether you’re craving crispy fried chicken, tender pulled pork, or homemade banana pudding, PDK delivers authenticity in every bite.

What sets PDK apart is its commitment to the community. They take pride in supporting local businesses, artisans, and charities through their Pantry Partner program. This dedication to furthering the community has earned them a loyal following in Bellevue.

Whether you’re looking for a family-friendly meal, a date spot, or a place to celebrate a special occasion, PDK Southern Kitchen & Pantry has something to offer everyone. It’s a place where the rich traditions of Southern cooking meet the warmth of Southern hospitality, leaving guests with a memorable and delicious experience in the epicenter of Bellevue in Nashville, Tennessee.