the eastern peak asian cuisine at one bellevue place in nashville tn


Sunday – Thursday, 11:00AM – 9:00PM

Friday – Saturday, 11:00AM – 10:00PM



Restaurant serving Asian fusion cuisine

The Eastern Peak at One Bellevue Place

The Eastern Peak is an unforgettable Asian fusion dining experience, located at One Bellevue Place in Nashville, TN. This restaurant offers a tantalizing fusion of flavors and culinary traditions from across the Asian continent, creating a dining experience that is as diverse and dynamic as Nashville itself.

The ambiance is modern and cozy, making it an ideal spot for both intimate dinners and larger gatherings to indulge. The menu at The Eastern Peak is a testament to the rich and varied culinary heritage of Asia. It features a delightful array of dishes, including Japanese sushi, Thai curries, Chinese stir-fries, and Vietnamese pho. Each dish is prepared with great attention to detail, using fresh, high-quality ingredients to ensure delicious authenticity with every bite.

Don’t forget to order the perfect drink to pair with your meal, elevating the decadent flavors. The restaurant’s dedication to quality extends to its cocktail menu, which offers a selection of elevated drinks that perfectly complement the signature flavors of each dish.

Whether you’re a fan of sushi, noodles, or stir-fried delights, The Eastern Peak has something for every palate. Their commitment to combining the best of Asian cuisine in one location has made them a staple in Nashville’s flourishing food scene.