the well coffee shop at one bellevue place in nashville tn


Monday – Friday, 6:00AM – 5:00PM

Saturday – Sunday, 7:00AM – 5:00PM



Coffee shop serving light breakfast and lunch

The Well Coffeehouse in Bellevue

Located at One Bellevue Place, The Well Coffeehouse stands out as a socially conscious café where community engagement and global impact come together over a cup of meticulously crafted coffee.

The Well proudly wears its mission on its sleeve — each cup of coffee sold contributes to initiatives that bring clean water to communities in need. From supporting local community projects to funding global efforts, every sip at The Well becomes a tangible act of kindness. This unique blend of quality coffee and philanthropy creates an environment where patrons can indulge in their favorite brew and feel a part of something greater.

Speaking of coffee, The Well takes pride in its commitment to quality. The menu features a variety of expertly brewed coffee options, from robust espressos to creamy lattes, all made from ethically sourced beans. Aside from coffee, The Well offers a decadent selection of teas and artisanal pastries to satisfy every guest.

In summary, The Well at One Bellevue Place stands as a testament to the idea that a simple cup of coffee can be a catalyst for positive change. It’s a place where the love for great coffee and a passion for making a difference converge to create an exultant experience for all who imbibe. So, whether you’re a coffee connoisseur or simply looking for a welcoming space to connect, The Well Coffeehouse invites you to a community café united by purpose and compassion.